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2022 Review!

On 2023-01-17

It is time for us to recap what happened during the past year.

And what a year!

First, we welcomed through the year new members to reinforce our nice team in different sectors: in the workshops, in logistics and in marketing. Several interns from different schools came to discover the services we offer in our manufacture.

Then, after years spent in our workshops in Sancey (a small town in the Franche-Comté region of France), all the team moved to Pierrefontaine-les-Varans (another small town of the same region) in June 2022.

This change also gave us the idea to rethink our visual identity. So you discovered in November our new logo.

In terms of conception, we had the chance to accompany three new watch projects in their development. We realized the watches, their technical plans and 3D prototypes.

Thanks to our customers, our company grows. We noticed a raise of 60% of our activity in 2022 compared to 2021.

And new amazing projects are coming in 2023 ⌚️

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Have you seen it?

On 2022-11-28

Since a few weeks, our logo has changed! 

Logo mnp final

Our relocation in our new workshops gave us the idea to rethink our visual identity.

Our message behind this logo: 

To reinforce our position in France and insist about the different solutions we offer: conception and development, assembly, supply chain, French movement and more!

Find our new logo on all our supports: Instagram and LinkedIn, our website and other official documents. 

MNP commits to GRETA formation centre

On 2022-11-22

For some years now, we have been working with a training centre called GRETA-CFA du Haut-Doubs, in our region. 

What is it exactly?

The GRETA is a centre that welcomes hundreds of trainees per year in several sectors, such as watchmaking. 

The GRETA of Haut-Doubs in figures: 

It is 3 watchmaking training programs in groups per year with 3 trainers, between 30 and 40 trainees per year and a success rate of 95%.

Logo 2020 greta haut doubs sans marianne

Working with a training centre such as GRETA gives future watchmakers the opportunity to discover how a company works. They also discover the different tasks that are accomplished in a real workshop. 

At MNP, the interns we welcome work on several aspects of the job: assembly of components, water-resistance tests, movement controls and settings, quality controls, after sales service.

Taille ok

Our missions 12/12

On 2022-11-09


Are you looking for a unique engraving for your pieces? With MNP, it is now possible!

Whether it's the dial, the back or other parts of your watch, we can configure our laser to reflect your ideas. It only takes a few minutes for the laser to engrave your design on the part you have chosen.

Thanks to its high precision, even the smallest details are now achievable!

Our missions 11/12

On 2022-10-26


Here it is! ⚙️

After several years of conception, our N516 French watch movement is now available! Specially designed for small quantity orders, our movement can be used for all your watchmaking projects thanks to its different versions:

- Automatic 

- Mechanical

- With or without date

Our missions 10/12

On 2022-10-12


Let’s talk about 3D printing!

For a few years now, our workshops have been using the stereolithography 3D printing system. 

But what does it mean? This printer works with a laser that transforms the liquid resin into hardened plastic using the principle of photopolymerisation.

This technology allows us to print all kinds of watch parts: cases, dials, crowns… and to try them on, in order to confirm their sizes.

This use of 3D printing helps our customers to have a first overview of their product, before confirming the launch of production. 


Our missions 9/12

On 2022-09-28


Every watch project starts with the preparation of specifications based on your wishes and needs. We can then start the industrial design of your product with the technical drawings and production plans

Our missions 8/12

On 2022-09-28


Packing, printing of dispatch notes: we manage all product shipments to the brand or to the final customer.

We mostly work with DHL, but we are also flexible and we can choose the company of your choice.

Our missions 7/12

On 2022-09-07


There are three main stages in our supply chain: 

Stock management

Order preparation

Shipment to the final customer


In our workshops, we prepare all the watches that have been ordered by the final customer or by the brand.

Depending on the brand's needs, we establish a standard process and follow the same procedure for each watch: we add accessories, warranty papers, goodies, etc.

Our missions 6/12

On 2022-09-07


We offer our customers the possibility to manage their stock.

As soon as we receive the components, we count and check them before they are registered in our stock.

They are then removed from stock for assembly. Finally, when this stage is complete, all the watches are back in stock, ready to be shipped.

Our organisation stays the same for all our customers.

Our missions 5/12

On 2022-08-18


In order to offer our customers the best quality of service, every watch we assemble must be perfect.

Some watches need to be adjusted in case of dust between the dial and the glass or because of scratches.

When a problem has been detected during quality control, our watchmakers take back the pieces and adjust them.

Our missions 3/12

On 2022-08-18


After the assembly of all watches, they are checked and tested again.

Our watchmakers make sure that the watch will be fully functional: time and date setting, transition between two months....

If one of these aspects is not validated during the first check, the watch is then adjusted until it is fully operational.

MNP Workshops S1E05

On 2021-05-11


Timelapse on the shipping process, carried out by our watchmakers in our workshops, so that the watches are delivered directly to the end customer.

MNP Workshops S1E04

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse on one of the last checks: the water-resistance test.

MNP Workshops S1E03

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse on the assembly part of a classic automatic movement, made by one of our watchmakers.

MNP Workshops S1E02

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse of a quality control performed on the components, as soon as they arrive in our workshops. Our watchmakers have to control them carefully, one by one, in order to ensure the best quality. 

MNP Workshops S1E01

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse of a calibration on a movement in order to optimize the advance and delay per day. We make every effort to ensure that the precision is perfect.

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Logo lest re publicain 2010

Collaboration between Wolbrook & MNP Manufacture, 6th April 2021

On 2021-04-30

Capture d e cran 2021 04 14 a 12 20 14 3

After reviving the brand Wolbrook, Maximilien Triquigneaux naturally chose to have his watches assembled at MNP in Sancey, in the cradle of French watchmaking. In addition to the history of this iconic brand, our know-how allows us to give back its reputation to this mythical watchmaking entity.

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Logo lest re publicain 2010

Focus on the new watch movement Made in Sancey

On 2021-04-30

Capture d e cran 2021 04 14 a 14 38 50 2

In an interview for the local newspaper l’Est Républicain, Mustapha explains his desire to create a French movement. It is at MNP in Sancey that this desire to offer to customers and consumers the possibility of buying a real French watch takes shape.

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