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In order to support you through every stage of your watch's life cycle, we can also take care of your entire after-sales service.

How does it work?

After the transfer of the service request, we will receive the concerned watch directly in our workshop. It is then stored and handed over to our watchmaker in charge of after-sales service for an analysis of the issues.

After that and regarding what has been decided with the brand and the client, several solutions are possible :

- Repairs of the defect components, test of the watch for a few days and shipping to the final customer

- Customer refund from the brand, control and repair if necessary so that we can put it back in stock.

- Exchange of the watch based on the customer tastes and shipment

The repairs can be about all the components: dial, hands, movement or even case and back.

If a lot of changes are needed, we can give the brand a quote for a large repair.