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On 2022-06-23


Through a new series of publications, discover all our missions! 

Assembly, design, shipping and 3D printing: our services will no longer hold any secrets for you. 

MNP Workshops S1E05

On 2021-05-11


Timelapse on the shipping process, carried out by our watchmakers in our workshops, so that the watches are delivered directly to the end customer.

MNP Workshops S1E04

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse on one of the last checks: the water-resistance test.

MNP Workshops S1E03

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse on the assembly part of a classic automatic movement, made by one of our watchmakers.

MNP Workshops S1E02

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse of a quality control performed on the components, as soon as they arrive in our workshops. Our watchmakers have to control them carefully, one by one, in order to ensure the best quality. 

MNP Workshops S1E01

On 2021-05-10


Timelapse of a calibration on a movement in order to optimize the advance and delay per day. We make every effort to ensure that the precision is perfect.