MNP commits to GRETA formation centre

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For some years now, we have been working with a training centre called GRETA-CFA du Haut-Doubs, in our region. 

What is it exactly?

The GRETA is a centre that welcomes hundreds of trainees per year in several sectors, such as watchmaking. 

The GRETA of Haut-Doubs in figures: 

It is 3 watchmaking training programs in groups per year with 3 trainers, between 30 and 40 trainees per year and a success rate of 95%.

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Working with a training centre such as GRETA gives future watchmakers the opportunity to discover how a company works. They also discover the different tasks that are accomplished in a real workshop. 

At MNP, the interns we welcome work on several aspects of the job: assembly of components, water-resistance tests, movement controls and settings, quality controls, after sales service.

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