Our activities


The Assembly Process 

This is one of our four main activities. We have succeeded in integrating all the processes internally, from the receipt of supplies to stock management but also through the assembly and shipment to end clients. There is no room for improvisation in our meticulous organisation. We aim to optimise quality controls at strategic points.

Quality does not depend on luck.

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Design and Creation

MNP is also a support as we follow and guide you in the implementation of your project. Starting with a simple idea, we can materialize it by following a specification. We like to use sketches so that we can develop a 3D design and technical file.

Your project comes to life! 3D printings are also available to give you a good approach before the prototype production. This last step will allow you to finally make your dream come true before the final validation to launch the production and make your adventure a reality.


The French Watch Movement

Code name: N516

The idea is to offer a “Made in France” watch to your customers. Much more than the mention “Assembled in France”, the N516 corresponds to know-how and a strong ambition to restore the reputation of French watchmaking. The country has not produced a movement for over 40 years. A new boom is coming with the birth of this watchmaking engine, soon in your blue, white and red timepiece.

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Component production

At MNP, we have all the skills in-house to manufacture all movement components.

To meet our customers' requirements, our workshops are equipped with the very latest machines (electro-erosion, laser etching …).

A personalized follow-up is made, and our teams will answer all your wishes of personalization (skeletonizing, covering, surface treatment).

Our watchword: to satisfy your needs.